Jun 30, 2014

Liturgy of Creation

Here’s a responsive liturgy inspired by the creation story in Genesis 1. It comes from the Third Space blog.

Liturgy of Creation
(Based on Genesis 1)

In the beginning, all was darkness and God said, “let there be light,
and because God had said it, there was light.
In the beginning, all was silence and God sang the song of creation,
and because God sang,
all the stars and spheres vibrated to the music of God.

In the beginning, all was still and God laughed,
and because God laughed,
the waters took up the roar and the ripple of it;
and ebbed and flowed and seeped and swirled
and delighted in the ways of its being.
In the beginning, all was dull and God painted,
and because God painted, the sky became blue,
and purple, and pink,
and rainbows hung there.
The grass became green and flowers
and butterflies danced in the drips and settled like jewels on the earth.
In the beginning, all was unconscious and God breathed,
and because God breathed,
men and women woke up from their sleeping,
they breathed of the very life of God
and stood in wonder before the work of God’s hands.
They beheld the glory of God in all that God had made
and they saw that it was very good.

~ posted on the Third Space website. http://third-space.org.uk/blog