Psalm 23: The Soul Shepherding Psalm

Here’s a paraphrase of Psalm 23 from Bill and Kristi Gaultiere.

The Soul Shepherding Psalm:
Psalm 23

The Lord Jesus is my Soul Shepherd
who meets all my needs and makes me smile
He gets me to stop working and to relax
with him in his Father’s loving arms
He takes me into a quiet place
to be still and know that he is God and I am loved
He heals and rejuvenates my whole being
with his grace from the inside out
He holds my hand at the crossroads
and walks me onto the path of life

Even though I go through dark and difficult times
I don’t fear anything bad because you are with me
You discipline me in love and converse patiently with me
to bring out the best in me
You prepare a celebration to bless and honor me
right in front of my enemies
You anoint me with your Spirit to minister to others
out of the overflow of your love to me
I can count on your generous favor and tender mercy
coming to me wherever I go

I will live in the presence of Christ as his beloved
in all things and at all times

~ written by Bill Gaultiere and Kristi Gaultiere.  Posted on Soul Shepherding.