Psalm 23 Prayer

Here’s a beautiful setting of Psalm 23 by Sonya Dyer.  It was posted on the Seekers Church website.



(inspired by Psalm 23)

Holy God,
you are our shepherd,
we shall want for nothing that truly matters.

In green pastures you give us rest
and beside deep, still waters you lead us.
You promise to be with us always,
offering freedom from the frictions of hatred, anxiety, fear and pain.

You give us living water to satisfy our thirst for peace.
We praise you and wonder
if this is for all people.
You refresh and restore our souls
and guide us in right paths
for the sake of your name.

When we are cast down
we have been shown ways to bring a new creation
to life in our world.
Your unique plan for all of life and for each life
is written into our very essence.
May we believe it is a plan
filled with hope,
grown out of love.
Help our unbelief.

Even though we walk in the dark valley,
we will fear no danger
for you, God, are at our side,
with rod and staff to give us courage.
Each life, every nation, has its share of valleys.
Some seem to have more than is right.
You are a constant companion in the darkness.
When violence, pain and loss are heavy
you comfort.
When we are aching, lost and discouraged,
you seek us out.
When we go astray,
your compassionate judgment draws us back.
Receive our gratitude. Know our darkness.

You spread the table before us in the sight of our enemies
and richly bathe our heads with oil.
Our cups overflow.
O holy one,  
you are our host as well as our shepherd.
You invite us to the banquet,
the banquet of life.
All parts of the world are invited -
enemies and friends,
the alienated and powerful,
those close at hand and those far off.
You offer the abundance and lavishness
of bread broken and shared
and the cup of refreshment that leads to new life.

We praise and thank you for your abundant spirit.
Goodness and love unfailing,
these will follow us all the days of our lives,
and we shall dwell in the home of our God
for all eternity.

~ from Sonya Dyer’s Prayerbook, posted on the Seekers Church website.