Prayer: Our Shepherding God

Here’s a prayer from Rev. Abi, written for “Good Shepherd” Sunday (the fourth Sunday of Easter), or any other time when Psalm 23, John 10 or other shepherding passages are being explored.

Our Shepherding God

O Lord, our Shepherding God,
come close to us now
Come near us in our time of need.

Shepherding God,
we need you in our time of anxiety.
We need you in our time of economic uncertainty.
We need you in a time of a globe-trotting disease.
We need you to bind our wounds,
    and pour your healing ointment on our heads .
We need the briars, and brambles, and burrs
    pulled out of our fleece and skin.

Shepherding God.
you guide us with your voice,
Help us to listen and follow no matter where your voice leads.
Help us to trust you.

Shepherding God,
protect us from the hired hands
that do not really care for us
and have neglected or abused us in the past.

Shepherding God,
thank you for your son
who lay down his life for those who follow him
and for those who are not in the fold yet..

Lord we pray for those who don’t know the shepherd,
whose life circumstances kept them from knowing the good shepherd.
We pray that by our actions, our behavior,
and our reaching out into the community,
they may come to know you.

Shepherding God,
renew us, guide us with your love
and renew us with your peace. Amen

~ written by Rev. Abi and posted on her Long and Winding Road blog.