Communion Service: Ezekiel 37: 1-14

Here’s a communion service inspired by Ezekiel 37: 1-14 (and John 4, John 9, John 11).  It was written by Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy.

Invitation to the Table

Jesus calls us to the well,
inviting us to drink of the Living Water, and the life eternal.
Jesus calls us out of the shadows, out of the graves,
to be entirely known, and entirely filled with God's presence.
Jesus calls us all:
all who were made in God's own image,
all who breathe the breath of God's spirit:
the Spirit of Life.
Jesus calls us to the table,
to the meal that nourishes our bodies
and binds our dry bones into one Body, living in Christ.
Jesus calls us, here and now.  
Come to this table, you who are beloved in Christ.  
Come, not because you must, but because you may.  

Communion Prayer/Lord's Prayer

Holy God, source of all being,
you are greater by far than our human thoughts can comprehend.  
With all that you have created, you abide;
weeping with us in grief and pain, rejoicing with us in life and love.  
You are everywhere in this very moment;
holding the entirety of living experience
and weaving us together in the great and intricate tapestry of Creation.
Creator God, mother and father of us all,
in your holy love you took on our limitations.  
Born of a body, bound within a body,
you know the whole of this human experience.  
Learning to communicate with words;
teaching us to communicate with presence.  
Learning the fears that wring us dry;
teaching us of the love that nurtures us back to life.
Everlasting God, you are everywhere and right here.  
As close as the air we breathe,
the air which binds us one to another and all to your beautiful creation.  
You are as close as the sunlight on our skin,
as close as the rain that drips from our hair;
the wind and the water that push us and lead us
and call us again and again into relationship with one another and with you.  
Holy Spirit, divine Advocate, guide and encourage us.  
Stir within our hearts,
that we may speak anew the familiar words that Jesus taught us...

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Source of life, and breath, and being,
breathe into the dry dust of our existence.  
Nourished in body by bread and juice,
may we strive for the nourishment of all bodies:
may we work to end hunger in this creation that provides amply for all.  
Nourished in spirit by the Body which is within our own,
may we strive for the incorporation of all:
may we work to break the barriers 
that divide us from one another and from you.  
In the love that sustains us, and the Spirit that animates us,
may we give all thanks and praise to you, O God of all.  Amen.

~ written by Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy, Pastor at First Church Congregational, Rochester, NH.  She blogs at