Benediction for Easter Sunday

Here’s a benediction (or possibly a call to worship) for Easter Sunday from Mike Yager.  It was posted on Ecclesia.

Easter Benediction

In the dark of the early morning,
It descended.
The very breath of God.

Dawn approached.
The Spirit filled the lungs of our fallen king,
And his heart began to beat anew.

At the rising of the sun,
He awoke. He opened his eyes.
He smiled. He rose.


They say the tomb was empty,
But we know otherwise.

Sorrow and mourning. Left behind.
Fear and shame. Left behind.
Sin and death. Left behind.
Our old ways and our old selves. Left behind.

Forever entombed by Christ the Son.
He who has conquered the grave.
He who is risen.
He who reigns.


~ written by Mike Yager, and posted on Ecclesia.