Prayer of Thanksgiving for Mother's Day

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving for Mother’s Day / Mothering Sunday.  It was written by Howard Carter, and posted on How in the World. 

Thanksgiving Prayer for Mother’s Day

God in whom we move and have our being
You know us, love us and sustain us
We praise you for your goodness
And thank you for your care

You created the world and all that is in it
You knitted us together in our mother’s womb
You made us male and female in your image
You made each one of unique and individual
Unique for relationship with you
Unique in the talents and gifts we have to serve you

We had gone astray, lost in our sin
Like a women who had lost her gold coin
You came looking for us
You sent your son Jesus to be one of us
He spoke of your love
Healed the sick, cared for the poor
Welcomed the outcast
He longed to gather us under his wings like a mother hen her chicks.
He gave up his life so that we might be found in you

Gracious God
Today we especially thank you for mothers
For their care and nurture
For love and support
Wisdom and sacrificial giving
For  tears and smiles,
Encouragement and correction
Thank you that in such love we see a reflection of you own love for us.

Fill us a fresh with your Holy Spirit
That we may know your great love and truth
Anoint us with your spirit’s power that we may witness to you
and serve you and love your people and world
To the glory of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

~ written by Howard Carter, and posted on How in the World.