Prayer: May We Proclaim You

Here’s an opening prayer for Palm Sunday from Roddy Hamilton.  It was inspired by Luke 19: 29-40.

(inspired by Luke 19: 29-40)

We want to shout hosanna,
for we want to follow you
but if we could not shout
the very stones would cry aloud

We hear the people call you
king and redeemer and lord
but if they were to be silent
the very stones would cry aloud

We know you are messiah
and we call you friend and companion and Christ
but if we were not able to shout
the very stones would cry aloud

May we proclaim you the one who comes to save us
to loves us completely
and show us the way
May we proclaim you lord of the whole world
loving each person uniquely
and calling them all to your way

We say you are the Christ
the one who saves and cares for us
but if the whole world was to remain silent
these very stones would cry aloud.

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws.