Pastoral Prayer: The Death of Jesus

Here’s a prayer of supplication for Good Friday from William Barclay.

Prayer of Supplication for Good Friday

God of love, we remember today all that our blessed Lord endured for us.
Let us remember how Jesus was betrayed,
and given up into the hands of wicked men …

Lord Jesus, we remember today that it was one of
Your own familiar friends who betrayed You,
and we know that there is nothing that so breaks the heart
as the disloyalty of one whom we call friend.
Grant that we may not betray You.

Save us:
From the cowardice that would disown You when it is hard to be true to You;
From the disloyalty that betrays You in the hour
when You need some one to stand by You;
From the fickleness that blows hot and cold in its devotion;
From the fair-weather friendship that,
when things are difficult or dangerous,
makes us ashamed to show whose we are and whom we serve.

Let us remember how Jesus suffered death upon the Cross …
Lord Jesus, help us to remember the lengths
to which Your love was ready to go;
That having loved Your own You loved them to the very end;
The love than which none can be greater,
The love that lays down its life for its friends;
That it was while people were yet enemies that You died for them.

Let us remember how Jesus now lives and reigns …
Help us to remember,
That the crucified Lord is the Risen Lord;
That the cross has become the Crown.

So grant unto us,
to trust in His love and to live in His presence;
that we may share in His glory.
This we ask for Your love’s sake. Amen.

~ written by William Barclay, and posted on Will Humes’ WJH website.