Litany of Confession: Good Friday

Here’s a responsive reading for Good Friday from the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre website.

Where are you?

1:         Where am I?
            I confess I am not always at the cross.
            It’s easy to be distracted and let my
            attention move here and there.
2:         I confess, I’m not always grateful for the death of Jesus.
            A person gets busy with all sorts of things.
1:         Good things, mind you,
            like family and church committees and responsibilities to aging parents.
            Community projects.
2:         Doing homework, shopping.
            Part time work.
            Life gets hectic.
1:         And burdensome.
2:         I confess I try to carry my own burdens.
1:         And work out my own salvation.
2:         I like to be in control.
1:         I wonder, do I betray Jesus with my self-sufficiency?
2:         Do I deny him with my self-centered living?

1,2:      All we like sheep have gone astray; we have all turned to our own way.
2:         We have been ungrateful.
1:         Our hearts have not been humble.
2:         Our spirits are not contrite.
1:         Teach us how to find your presence, God, at the cross.
2:         Teach us how to share the death of Jesus.
1,2:      But he was wounded for our transgressions,
            crushed for our iniquities;
            upon him was the punishment that made us whole
            and by his bruises we are healed.

Congregation may join in the singing of “Were you there…” 

~ from Were You There When they Crucified My Lord: A dramatic reading for the passion week. Posted in the From Our Churches archive on the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre website.