Mar 9, 2014

Contemporary Hymn: Psalm 23

Here’s a simple new hymn inspired by Psalm 23.  It was written by Daniel Damon.  See below for a link to the music.

Take Me to the Water

Take me to the water
flowing deep and wide;
like a shepherd, lead me
to the riverside.

By the quiet waters,
gladly I lay down
all the things that keep me
from your holy ground.

Jesus, in the darkness
make the pathway clear;
I will fear no evil,
knowing you are near.

On a rocky table
in the wilderness,
set a feast before me-
let my foes find rest.

Show me fields of mercy
as I greet the dawn;
to your house of blessing,
I will follow on.

~ written by Daniel Charles Damon. Words © 2007 Hope Publishing Company.  Posted on Hope Publishing’s Online Hymnody website.  A PDF of the musical score available at  If you use this song in worship, be sure to report it on your CCLI license.