Psalm 51 Prayer

Here’s a prayer based on Psalm 51.  It was written by Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, and posted on Soul Shepherding.

(based on Psalm 51)

Mercy! Have mercy on me, O God Almighty!
I appeal to your unconditional love that never fails;
Forgive my sin because of your enormous compassion.
Wash away all my badness and make me clean.

All my sins are against you, my Lord -
Again I didn’t trust you, I turned away and did wrong.
You alone are holy and you alone can cleanse me;
Please let me rejoice in you again!

Form my heart to be devoted to you alone, O God,
And revive my spirit to be steadfast in loving you.
Remind me continually that I’m in your presence;
O that your Holy Spirit would thrive in me forever!
Restore my soul with the joy of your mercy
And strengthen my will to seek you continually.

My divided and distracted will is all that I have to give you;
So I come with my broken heart, humble and convicted.
O God, because of your mercy you will not reject me;
Your smile and your embrace means everything to me!

My reformed heart gives praise to you for all to hear;
O Lord, this is the offering that brings you delight!

~ written by Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, inspired by Psalm 51.  Posted on Soul Shepherding.