Prayer: People of Love and Grace

Here’s a prayer from Rev. Mindi, based on Matthew 5:43-48, where Jesus teaches about loving our enemies.

(inspired by Matthew 5: 43-48)

Holy Jesus,
You call us into a life that others have told us is easy, but it is not.
You challenge us to forgive, to love our enemies,
to bless those who curse us.
We want the easy way,
but You have given us the hard path.
Grant us the patience and endurance to journey with You,
to allow ourselves at times to stumble,
to live into the hard way
so that we might fully experience
Your love, grace and peace in this world,
by becoming a people full of love and grace
and forgiving others.
In Your name we pray. Amen.

~ written by Rev. Mindi, and posted on Rev-o-lution.