Prayer of Confession: Lent 1A

Here’s a prayer of confession for the first Sunday of Lent, Year A.  It was written by Rev. Elizabeth Dilley, and posted on the Worship Ways website.

Prayer of Confession

Creative, passionate God,
you delight to shape the world in beauty and harmony.
You invite us to participate in the balance of creation.
We grow in wisdom as our experience unfolds;
we take good learning out of difficult situations yet also
find our well-meant endeavors leading to unintended consequences.
Too often we give in to temptation
that disrupts the joyous, chaotic order of the universe.
We cannot undo all our mistakes,
but we can turn once more to the living presence of Jesus
and find new ways to live and love each other and the earth.             
Do not let our hearts be fearful,
but let us in silence acknowledge our sin
and seek the forgiveness that restores your peace.


Words of Assurance
(inspired by Genesis 3: 1-7)

Even as Adam and Eve faced the consequences of their sin,
our God prepared a way for them still to be connected to the earth
and to the living presence of God.
So it is with all of us:
in Christ’s life, ministry, death and resurrection,
we are made able to persist, upright and strong,
for our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God!

~ from Tempting!  Service Prayers for the First Sunday of Lent, written by the Rev. Elizabeth Dilley.  Posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways website.