Prayers of the People: New Year

Here’s a prayer of dedication and intercession for the New Year. It was written by Rev. Ian Elston.

Prayers of Dedication and Intercession

Lord our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We give you thanks and praise and we dedicate to you our offering.
In this we also dedicate the workings of our hands,
the thinking of our minds,
and the loving of our hearts.
May each be used for the glory of your kingdom,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord God, as we move forward into a new year,
we ask you to bless all for whom the year is not being looked forward to.
We think of people who are ill and fearful of what the year will bring.
We think of all who have family difficulties
and are concerned as to how to solve them.
We think of all for whom the new year is bringing money problems,
and all who are fearful for their jobs.

Lord, for us all the future is unknown—
help us to have the faith to trust in you,
the wisdom to do the right thing,
and to be guided by you constantly.

Remind us, Lord, that you always keep your promises;
remind us too that they are kept in your time and not ours.

We ask your blessing on all who have turned their back on You;
or who have not known You.
May they hear your word and respond to your love
Be with those who are lost,
who have never known you.
Help them to seek and find the peace and love found in you and you alone.

Father God—Loving God—we, your children, pray to you
And give you thanks and praise
through the name of your beloved Son, Christ Jesus our Lord.

Heavenly Father we bring before you our loved ones,
and in the silence we pray for them.
For our family,
our friends, 
for all whom we know.
May this year be good for all whom we love,

Lord God, guide us in our lives.
May others see your love shine through us.
May our words and actions constantly point to you;
may we put You first in everything
and serve You always.

We ask you to be with us
and give us a year where we know and feel and are guided by your presence.

Whatever the year holds may we never lose sight of you.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

~ written by Rev. Ian Elston, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.