Prayer: Micah 6: 6-8

Here’s a prayer of gratitude and commitment based on Micah 6:6-8.  It was written by Dana Cassell.

(based on Micah 6:6-8)

Oh God
Our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer-
How do we thank you?
How do we show our gratitude?
Do you want signs and sacrifices?
Do you want gold and cattle?
Can we turn over our children to you?
Would that repay our debt, make everything right?
Tell us, what do you require in return for all your goodness?

Oh God,
Our teacher, example, companion—
You have shown us what is good,
and call us to remember 
that what you require is not
repayment of debt
or settling the score,
but obedience.
Show us, God
When to do justice,
how to love kindness,
and where to walk, 
with You.

~ written by Dana Cassell, a former BVS volunteer. Posted on the Church of the Brethren website.