Prayer: Matthew 5: 1-12

Here’s a prayer inspired by the Beatitudes in Matthew 5: 1-12 and Luke 6: 20-26.  It was written by Rosie Venner.

(inspired by Matthew 5: 1-12, Luke 6: 20-26)

When you say blessed are you who are poor,
for yours is the kingdom of God
do your eyes rest on me in the crowd
and see how weighed down I am with possessions?

When you say blessed are you who are hungry,
for you will be filled
do you place your hand in mine
and know the feasts I have eaten?

When you say blessed are you who weep now,
for you will laugh
do you anoint my head with oil
and sense that I have laughed long and hard?

Then bless me again Lord,
take my riches, my fullness, my laughter
all that I have in excess
and let it rise up in the poor, the hungry
and those who weep.

That together we may delight in good things
share bread and wine together
open our hearts in joy and sorrow
knowing that together we seek your kingdom
as one body.

~ from I Am Making All Things New, written by  Rosie Venner.  Posted on the WSCF Europe website.