Prayer for Others: Relationships

Here’s a prayer of intercession from Rev Dr David Graham and the Starters for Sunday website.

Prayer of Intercession

God our Father, in whose eyes all life is precious,
help us to value the worth of every individual,
whom you have created in your image.

We pray for victims of violence or hatred,
especially people who have suffered innocently.
May they find the healing of body, mind or spirit which they need.

We ask that the causes of division and hatred may be brought down.
Where there is prejudice because of colour, language, religion or culture,
help us to see things through the eyes of others,
and act towards them as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We also pray for people who have been the cause of hurts to others.
Enable them not only to admit their mistakes,
but also to use their time and energy for the benefit of others
and the welfare of society.

We pray for family relationships in our society.
Thank you for those who are our own families,
or who have been like family to us.
Bless them with the love in return which they themselves have shown.

We ask for your healing and reconciling love
in family disputes or misunderstandings.
We especially pray for children and young people
caught up in problems not of their making,
and for the anxiety and tensions this may cause.
Give them good friends and wise counselors,
and support from their peer group and schools.

Loving God,
as we have promised you our devoted service in words and prayer,
give us the strength of your Holy Spirit
to enable us to keep our promises,
for you are the source of our lives and our strength.

~ written by Rev Dr David Graham, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.