Epiphany Confession: Baptism of Our Lord

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by the baptism of Jesus by John.  It comes from the Ministry Matters website.

Prayer of Confession
(Inspired by Mark 1:9-11, Matthew 3:13-17, Epiphany 1C, Luke 3:21-23)

We are incredibly stubborn, O Lord.
We have entered the season
in which Your Light has been given to the world,
your blessings have been poured out on the world,
and yet all we can think about is our own problems,
our own needs, our own desires.
Help us to desire you, Lord.
Help us to yearn for your presence.
Pour your baptismal waters over us again,
cleansing us from our self-pity and arrogance.
Nourish and heal us so that we may joyfully serve you.
Wash away our jealousy, greed,
and all negative thoughts and behaviors
that stand in the way of our truly being
the people you have called us to be.
Again let us receive the blessings offered in creation,
in the birth and baptism of Jesus,
and in the ministry of the saints of light.
We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Words of Assurance

The love of God is always offered to us,
freely, joyfully, for all eternity.
Rejoice, dear friends,
this is the Good News of our Lord. Amen.

~ posted on the Worship Connection page of the Ministry Matters website. http://www.ministrymatters.com/worship/article/entry/4549/worship-connection-january-12-2014