Call to Worship, Opening Prayer: Matthew 5: 13-16

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Matthew 5: 13-16, where Jesus teaches about salt and light.  It comes from the Caldwell United Methodist Church website.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Matthew 5: 13-16)

If the human body, body of blood and muscle,
is to live, it needs salt.
If the body of Christ, body of peace and justice,
is to live, it needs us!
If the earthly creation, bustling and blooming,
is to flourish, it needs the sun’s light.
If the new creation we are in Christ is to flourish,
it needs the Spirit’s light!
Jesus says we are salt of the earth, light of the world.
Our faith, our love, our hope —
essential as salt and light.

But if salt isn’t salty?
It isn’t what it’s meant to be.
And if a light doesn’t shine?
It isn’t what it’s meant to be.
Jesus says we are salt of the earth, light of the world.
Briny and bright, we are God’s faithful people.
We shall be who we are meant to be in Christ:
a welcoming oasis, a compassionate community,
a justice-making people, giving glory to God!

Opening Prayer
(inspired by Matthew 5: 13-16)

God of mystery and of judgment,
who has made us to be salt and light
in a tasteless, shadowed world, 
guide us in this time of worship.
Grant us understanding and spiritual discernment
so that others may see your good works through us, 
give you the glory,
and be moved to serve you. Amen.

~ posted on the website of the Caldwell United Methodist Church.