Nov 14, 2013

Responsive Prayer: The Philippines

Here’s a responsive prayer from the Mennonite Central Committee.  It was written for Japan, but seems equally suitable for the recent disaster in The Philippines.

Prayer for Others in the Face of Disaster

Creator God,
you have created the heavens and the earth,
the seas and the mountains and all that dwell within them.
How majestic is your name!
Who are we, mere people, that you are so mindful of us,
blessed by your eternal love?
Help us Lord, to be still and know that you are God.
Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

Listening God,
you hear the cries of those in anguish –
in Japan, in Libya, in Ivory Coast, in Egypt, in Sudan, in Afghanistan,
in so many places around the world,
shaken by earthquakes and wars,
flooded by tsunamis and violence.
Bring comfort to those who mourn,
strength to those who suffer,
healing to those who are afflicted.
Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

Forgiving God,
we confess that we do not always know
how to respond to stories of despair and disaster.
Forgive us when we react in ignorance
or are overwhelmed by all that we see and hear
and do not act at all.
Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

Compassionate God,
whose love never fails,
teach us again how to love as you do,
that we might be your hands and feet in the world,
bringing water to those who thirst,
food to those who hunger,
clothing for those who are naked,
shelter for those who are homeless,
medicine for those who are sick,
friendship to those who are imprisoned.
Help us to see the world as you see it.
Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

In all these things,
we come asking that you guide us by your Spirit.
Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayers.
in the name of the Father
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

~ posted on the Mennonite Central Committee US website.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank has compiled a variety of other prayers for The Philippines.  You can see them here: