Call to Worship: Isaiah 35: 1-10

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Isaiah 35: 1-10.  It was written by the Rev. Nathan Decker.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Isaiah 35: 1-10)

Too long have we walked this dry desert wilderness searching for salvation.
We've drunk the cup of sorrow,
burned our feet upon the sands of misery,
and watched as our children were devoured by jackals, lions, and beasts.
"Be Strong! Do not fear! Here is our God! God will come and save you!"
Today, we walk in the Holy Way, the highway of the wise!
Where the lame leap as deer!
Where grateful blind eyes see colors!
And the speechless sing out to our merciful Lord!
Blessed be the Lord our God!
Praise the Lord, O Zion!

~ written by the Rev. Nathan Decker, and posted on the GOBD website.