Nov 14, 2013

A Litany of Lamentation and Hope

If you will be remembering The Philippines in your prayers this week, here’s a litany from It was written by Joseph Shadle.

Litany of Lamentation and Hope

For those who are suffering.
For those who are injured.
For families that are separated.

For firemen, police, emergency medical workers and all public officials.
For those who answer the call to comfort and give aid.
For those who provide support thru their prayers.

For those who are dying.
For those who died while saving the lives of others.
For all who lost their lives.

For those who survived.
For the children who have been orphaned.
For the men and women who have lost their spouses.
For all who mourn and those who comfort them.

For generosity of spirit.
For hope in times of despair.
For light in the darkness.

Gracious and Loving God,
you are our comforter and our hope.
Hear your people's prayers as they come before you.
Strengthen us in this time of need.
Inspire us to acts of charity and generosity
and give us hope of a brighter future.
We ask this in Jesus' name.

~ adapted from a prayer by Joseph P. Shadle. Posted on Xavier University’s website.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank has compiled a variety of other prayers for The Philippines.  You can see them here: