Psalm Paraphrase: Psalm 122, Psalm 123

Here’s a re-working of Psalm 122 and Psalm 123 from Francis Mcnab. 

He writes: “These psalms speak of a sacred place.  In its biblical version its focus is on Jerusalem the so-called "holy city".  Today as much as any time, we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  But we all need our Jerusalem - our sacred place, where we discover a strong peace emanating from the Good Presence.”

Psalm 122 and Psalm 123

What a scramble our lives can be.
We rush from place to place.
We live on a knife-edge, ready it would seem,
to throw our lot in with those who surrender to the negatives of our humanity.

What a relief to come into a place like this
where we can feel a quietening presence;
where people can come together
and find a common purpose and a unifying spirit.

This whole city needs to re-find its sanity
lest people come to believe that all their stresses are inevitable.

So I say, let a good peace come over this city;
let peace come to these walls;
let all who come here, all their friends and their families
know a strong and healthy peace with them.

O God, we have been too long and too much
with our eyes on the wrong things,
even though we believe them to be right.

Lift our eyes to a bigger better dimension,
to be participants in your broadening good presence.

We know the pains and the prejudices of life…
Help us to experience the best kindness and the gentlest healing
that flow from the very heart of the universe.

I name you to be God;
I believe you to be God.
God, the source of all that is good!

~ written by Francis Macnab (A fine wind is blowing).