Oct 20, 2013

Prayer of Intercession: Proper 29C

Here’s a prayer of intercession from Richard Fairchild’s Kir-shalom website.

Prayers of the People: Proper 29C
(inspired by Colossians 1: 11-20)

Good Lord,
we pray that you would fill us with the knowledge of your will
through all spiritual wisdom and understanding,
so that together we may live a life worthy of you
and in every way pleasing to you;
a life in which we bear fruit in every good work,
and acquire strength and endurance and patience and a joyful heart—
a heart that gives thanks to you in every situation.... 
Lord, hear our prayer...

Good Lord,
we pray for those who dwell in darkness today,
and for those who are afflicted by the forces of human evil
and the schemes of the prince of this world... 
Lord, hear our prayer...

We pray for all women who are oppressed and beaten,
and forced to submit to the men around them,
both those in our land and those in far off nations...
Lord, hear our prayer...

We pray for the children of our world who hunger and thirst,
and those who have no home or place to call their own,
that they may have bread and drink for each day and a bed for each night... 
Lord, hear our prayer...

We pray for our nation and for all who are in authority over us,
and indeed for all nations of our world,
that there may be peace with justice within them and between them ... 
Lord, hear our prayer...

And Lord, we pray for the particular persons and concerns
that have been raised before you this day,
and those we now hold before you in our hearts
and with the words of our lips....
Lord, hear our prayer...

In your mercy, O Lord, you hear all our prayers. 
We thank you and we praise you for it and for all that you do,
through Christ Jesus, our Lord and our brother.  Amen.

~ written by Rev. Richard J. Fairchild, and posted on Kir-shalom. http://www.rockies.net/~spirit/sermons/c-or34su.php