Pastoral Prayer: Psalm 122

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by Psalm 122, the suggested psalm reading for the first Sunday of Advent, Year A.  It was written by Rev. Elizabeth Aguilar.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by Psalm 122)

God of love and mercy,
thank you for your great gift of your Child, Jesus Christ,
who fills us with all that we need.

Merciful God,
we are fully aware that not all your children
are able to bask in joy or peace during this season.

We pray for peace within all walls:
walls within our own homes,
walls that surround each city and town.

We pray that during this season of Advent
we may usher your promise of salvation into our lives
and that we may share the Good News of our Savior with others.

We pray that the promise of your birth
may be the promise that we live in and share at home,
at work and at school.

May we be moved to compassion and action in your name.

We pray this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ
who taught us all to pray saying...

~ written by Rev. Elizabeth Aguilar, in First Sunday of Advent: Peace Within All Walls. Posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways website.