Pastoral Prayer: Proper 28C

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by the suggested scripture readings for Proper 28, Year C.  It was written by Allan Eckert, and posted on the South Texas Lutheran website.

Pastoral Prayer

Lord God heavenly Father, we lift up our hearts to You in prayer, trusting in Your help:

You have promised to be our keeper—to guard our going out and coming in from this time forth and forever more and so we ask that You would be with and uphold those who are ill. Grant them healing according to Your will.

As we look forward to the day of Christ’s return in glory, help us by Your Holy Spirit to remember Your holy law, statutes, and just decrees and walk in them according to Your will and in this way show reverence for Your holy name which You have bestowed upon us in Baptism.

We ask Your blessing upon our national economy and upon our own jobs and financial well-being. Direct the unemployed to useful labor that will provide for their needs. Lead us to be generous to those who are suffering economic hardships. Sustain in us all a strong work ethic so that so that we might provide for our families, help those in need, and give generously for the work of the church. Help us to not grow weary in doing good.

Give us an ongoing awareness that this world and the things of this world will not endure forever, but there will come a Last Day. In the midst of natural disasters and socio-economic distress and political uncertainty help us to see these events as signs of the end so that day would not catch us unaware but that instead we would recognize that our redemption is drawing near.

Bless Your church on earth. Protect us from false teachers who would deceive by Your name and lead us astray. Help us to always hold fast to the firm foundation of Your Word. In the midst of uncertain times, grant us the mouth and the wisdom to bear witness to Your Son Jesus Christ and the redemption we have in Him.

Dear heavenly Father, whatever else You see that we need—whatever is for the good of our neighbor and redounds to Your glory—we pray that You would grant to us, Your children. We ask it Jesus’ name who taught us to pray:  Our Father….

~ excerpted from a prayer written by Allan Eckert, and posted on the South Texas Lutheran website.