Pastoral Prayer: For Those Harmed by Violence

Here’s a prayer of intercession and commitment on the topic of violence.  It comes from the North Carolina Council of Churches website.

Pastoral Prayer

Let us remember all who have been harmed by violence.

We acknowledge the strength of those who survived
and of those still struggling to heal.
For their sake and for ours,
we commit ourselves to building each other up and to healing together.
Let us remember the families and loved ones
of those who have died in violent crimes.
We acknowledge their pain and their deep grief.
They too are part of our community
and need our love and help towards healing.
Let us remember the perpetrators,
and the families of those who commit violent crimes.
We acknowledge that their lives too are devastated
and their hopes dashed.
For their sake, and for ours,
we remember that pain goes out in many directions from each act of violence.

We will stand up to violence.
We stand together expressing our unity,
Our connection to each other and to God,
Our hope for healing and for transformation.
Let the Spirit of our Creator move through us.
Help us to transform and heal our communities,
And let us begin by transforming ourselves.
We go in peace and with hope. Amen.

~ adapted from “Words of Prayer.”  Posted on the Lectionary Resources page of the North Carolina Council of Churches website.