Isaiah 12: Opening Prayer

Here’s an opening or pastoral prayer inspired by Isaiah 12.  It comes from the website of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by Isaiah 12: 1-6)

Almighty God, you are our salvation.  
In you alone can we trust and not be afraid.  
Lord, you were angry because of our sin and rebellion
and you have redeemed for yourself a people,
a remnant, from every tribe, tongue and nation.
You are to be praised!  

Lord we confess that you are our strength and our song.  
Without you we could do nothing.
Without you our souls would be empty and in despair.  

Lord, grant your Spirit to come this morning
and remind us of the joy of our salvation.  
Turn us in faith to thanksgiving
and proclamation of the glorious works you have done.  
Help us sing for joy
for you have promised us that you will be in our midst
as we have gathered here this morning to hear from you.  

We ask these things in the name of your Son,
our Savior and Sovereign King, Jesus Christ.  
Amen & Amen.

~ posted on the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church website.