Call to Worship: Romans 13: 11-14

Here’s a call to worship and opening prayer inspired by Romans 13: 11-14.  It was written by Cameron Douglas.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Romans 13: 11-14)

Awake from your sleep for night is gone
and the dawn of a new day has arrived!
Darkness once ruled our lives,
but now the light of Jesus
brings our salvation to life.

Opening Prayer
(inspired by Romans 13: 11-14)

You, O God, illumine our world with the light of a new day,
the day of our salvation in Jesus’ name.
Bring his presence here
as we lay aside the deeds of darkness
and put on the armor of light and truth.
It is by the eternal hope of Jesus we pray.

~ written by Cameron Douglas, in The Journal of Worship Resources, Vol. 18, No. 1.  Posted on