Advent Prayer for Others

Here’s a thoughtful Advent prayer of confession and intercession from Advent Daily Prayers.

Advent Prayer

Advent God, who comes to us in love, peace and joy,
we thank you for love that nourishes and sustains our hearts,
for peace that enables us to live in friendship with others
for joy that illumines and inspires our lives.

Yet to be loved and not care for the unloved,
to live in peace and ignore the shattered lives of others
to celebrate our own enjoyment selfishly,
are sins against you, O Advent God,
which deny the very message we preach.

We pray for those for whom joy seems far away and for others to enjoy.
…for all whose loneliness is made worse by parties,
laughter and other people’s joy:
…for bereaved people still hurting from the death of someone they have loved
…for wives, husbands and children,
whose lives have been broken by family break-up, divorce
and the dismantling of their hopes.
…for older people now living on their own,
some of whom will see nobody over Christmas

Lord in their loneliness,
may these your children know the presence of the Wonderful Counsellor,
and comfort them through us.
In the silence pray for those on your mind.

~ from Advent Daily Prayers, posted on