Advent Prayer: Come Once Again

Here’s a prayer for the first Sunday of Advent from the Ministry Matters website. (Because of the close connection with Jeremiah 23:1-6, it might also work well on Proper 29C or Proper 11B.  You’d just need to make a few revisions.)

Advent Prayer

Your season comes, Lord.

Come once again,
and feed your flock like a shepherd.

Come once again,
and gather up the children, the oppressed,
the sick, the lonely, the humble,
and the rejected of the earth.

Turn our hearts to the least of your children,
for if we lose them,
we become lost.

Reconcile us to you
and to those we have hurt.

At this Advent,
join us together with neighbors, with strangers,
and especially with our own household.

Bring us to your light
in our time of darkness,
through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

~ from First Sunday of Advent Prayers and Litanies, posted on the Ministry Matters website.