Confession: Lamentations 1: 1-6

Here’s a prayer of confession and words of assurance inspired by Lamentations 1: 1-6 and 2 Timothy 1: 1-14, two of the suggested scripture readings for Proper 22, Year C.  They come from the Ministry Matters website.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Lamentations 1: 1-6)

With the weepers we weep.
With the warriors we yearn for peace.
With the exiles we wander far from home,
for our hearts wander far from you.
We live in an uncertain world—
time and again we turn to people
who promise us security.
But God, you are our only source of safety.
Help us turn to you,
our heart’s true home.
Call us again and lead us home.
Author of peace,
teach us to seek our peace in you.
Source of every blessing,
forgive us for the multitude of our transgressions.
Rekindle a spirit of love and self-discipline within us,
through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Words of Assurance
(inspired by 2 Timothy 1: 1-14)

Our Savior Jesus Christ abolished sin and death
and brought life and immortality to light.
By the grace of the Eternal One,
we are forgiven in the power of the Holy Spirit
living within us.

~ posted on the Ministry Matters website.