Prayer: Potter's Hand

If you’re working with Jeremiah 18:1-11 or Isaiah 64:8, you might want to check out the following song. It comes from Hillsong.  (To listen to the song, click on the link below.)

Potter’s Hand

Beautiful Lord, Wonderful savior
I know for sure all of my days are held in your hands
Crafted into your perfect plans

You gently called me into your presence
Guiding me by Your Holy Spirit
Teach me dear Lord to live all of my life
Through your eyes

I’m captured by your holy calling
Set me apart. I know you’re drawing me to yourself
lead me, Lord. I pray

Oh take me, mold me, use me, fill me
I give my life to the potter’s hand

Oh call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me
I give my life to the potter’s hand

~ written by Darlene Zschech.  Copyright © 1997 Wondrous Worship (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.) CCLI Song # 2449771.  Listen here: