Prayer of Intercession: 1 Timothy 2: 1-7

Here’s a prayer of intercession inspired by 1 Timothy 2: 1-7.  It comes from the Christian Aid website.

Prayer for Others
(inspired by 1 Timothy 2:1-7)

Loving God, who desires everyone to be healed
and come to know the truth.
You ask us to pray for those in positions of power
that we may all come to live together,
and in peace
and in dignity.

Yet how should we pray for those
who have misused that power over others?

Should we be honest in our anger
and ask that their logging trucks break down,
their fishing nets tangle
and their drills go blunt?

Will that bring the peace you desire?
Will that lead to dignity for everyone?
Or would economic hardship just redouble
their efforts?

How should we pray for them Lord?
Should we be pious in our prayer
and ask that they find peace in Christ,
a deep respect for the land,
care for the poor who live upon it?
Will that do Lord?
Will these prayers lead to the godliness you desire?
Or is this the godliness we desire?
A quick fix,
an easy solution,
all provided by you
and little required from us.

So how should we pray for them Lord?
How shall we hold the actions of an abuser,
an oppressor,
or a bully,
in our hearts?

It is no easy thing Lord.

And to hold in our hearts the abuser themselves,
is perhaps even harder.

It seems much to ask from us Lord,
especially from the victim,
the oppressed,
the bullied.
It may be more than our spirits can bear.

So, we ask again Lord God,
how should we pray for those
who have misused their power over others?
How should we pray?


Come Lord Jesus.
Come Lord, come.


When our words seem inadequate,
hear the yearnings in our hearts.
For you alone are the mediator
between us and God.

And as you hear our complaints about those in power,
loosen our hands around these stones we would throw.
And as you hear us call for justice,
prepare our hands to work for change.

Be present in all of the negotiations we pray.
Where local people sit down to tell their story,
where company owners and lawyers listen and respond,
when mediators and advocates intervene,
where the support of aid workers is present. 

May the words shared among them
be inspired by the Word that makes all things new.

Words of truth.
Words of dignity.
Words of peace.
Words of life.

~ adapted from Ideas for Harvest: Worship and Prayer, posted on the Christian Aid website.