Prayer Litany: Psalm 51

Here’s a litany of confession and commitment inspired by Psalm 51.  It was written by Clarence Brown.

Prayer Litany
(inspired by Psalm 51)

Have mercy upon us, O Lord,
according to your steadfast love and abundant mercy.
Let our response to your love
be the exercise of heartfelt compassion for the poor,
the oppressed, the downtrodden and vulnerable.

Create in us clean hearts, and renew in us upright spirits.
Let our renewed vision see the places where you beckon;
let our clean hearts be broken for the things that cause you pain.
Let us be present with you in healing and deliverance,
and let us be instruments of your peace.

Do not cast us away from your presence,
and do not take your Holy Spirit from us.
Instead supply us with the boldness that your Holy Spirit supplies,
that we might be strength for the weak and a voice for the silenced.
Empower us with the sureness of your presence
that as we walk in your way
we might initiate glorious transformation of this world
through our justified miraculous expectations.

~ written by Clarence Brown, UMVIM Brazil 2007