Opening Prayer: Jeremiah 18:1-11

If you’re working with Jeremiah 18:1-11 this week, here’s a possible opening for worship.  It comes from the Liturgy Planning website.

Opening Comments

(The Presider moves towards the sacred space (or potter’s wheel if available), which is draped in strips of brown and purple hessian, or some other suitable fabric, and has a large lump of clay sitting beside the Word of God.)

In our liturgy this evening we will reflect upon the intimacy of our relationship with God, a God who urges us, through the Prophet Jeremiah, to sit before a Potter and note what the Potter does to clay, in the hope that we may know something of the mystery of being in relationship with God. (The Presider picks up
the clay and holds it out to the community). This clay will remind us of our fragility, vulnerability and brokenness, while at the same time exposing our true beauty and rich potential, if we but surrender to the hands of the Potter. And so we pray.

Opening Prayer

Creator God, all creation is your handiwork;
your touch gives life to all that is.
You who shape and form us by the breathe of your Spirit
and the touch of your grace,
you alone are able to call forth from the depths of our being
the beauty of your Spirit in us.
May we in this celebration,
surrender more deeply to your loving touch,
as you fashion and form you heart’s desire in us.
This we pray in your Spirit. Amen

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