Confession: Luke 15: 1-10

Here’s a responsive prayer of confession/words of forgiveness inspired by Luke 15:1-7 (the parable of the lost sheep).  It was written by Henrietta Stith Andrews.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Luke 15: 1-10)

O Most Patient God,
we recognize how much we need you for life itself.

But how often have we behaved
as if we did not know or even care about you?

How often have we become the ones who do not carry out justice?

How often have we tried to dominate others
even as you stand with them?

How often have we participated in the desolation of your creation
by our treatment of the heavens, the earth and its waters?

Forgive us for these times when we have lost our way.

All Loving God, we want to be among those whom you seek.

Shower your mercy upon us.
Find us, and lead us safely home to faithfulness.

Words of Assurance

My friends, when we are lost, all is not lost.
God is seeking us, ready to turn our lives around,
Gathering us in to the people of God.
Let us rejoice in God’s mercy!   Amen.

~ written by Henrietta Stith Andrews, in From Despair to Rejoicing: Service Prayers for the 17th Sunday after Pentecost.  Posted on the Worship Ways website.