Confession: Light of the World

Here’s a prayer of confession from the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.

Prayer of Confession

God of glory,
you sent Jesus among us as the light of the world,
to reveal your love for all people.

We confess that our sin and pride hide the brightness of your light.
We turn away from the poor;
we ignore cries for justice;
we do not strive for peace.

Forgive us, God.  In your mercy, cleanse us of our sin,
and baptize us once again with your Spirit,
so that, as forgiven and renewed people,
we may reflect the love and life of Jesus Christ
into our world.

Assurance of Pardon
(inspired by Colossians 3:1)

Our God is a God of grace and mercy and love;
know that our sins have been forgiven.
May we be strengthened in all goodness.
Since we have been raised with Christ,
let us seek the things that are above,
where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.
Thanks be to God; amen.

~ posted on the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.