Aug 16, 2013

Confession: Increase our Doubt

Here’s a prayer of confession from the Church of Scotland.

Prayer of Confession

Gracious God,
Increase our doubt that
armaments and wars bring peace;
that science and intelligence alone can cure the ills of the world;
that human beings are the controllers of all things.
Give us grace to blush for our mistakes and arrogance,
forgiveness for our foolishness
and power to live as stewards of creation,
through Jesus Christ our Lord

Merciful God,
deliver us from
the cowardice that dares not face new truth
the laziness that is content with half truth
the arrogance that thinks is knows all truth

May we plead no extenuating circumstances,
no frailty of nature, no force of temptations,
no persuasions of those who lead us astray.
Grasp us with zeal and fiery commitment
to the purposes of grace in Jesus Christ our Lord

Almighty God,
You have brought us to this hour by our several ways,
unfaithful as we have been
You have nevertheless kept faith with us.
Pry us from the host of distractions to which we give ourselves so freely.
Strengthen our resolve to commit ourselves to the Gospel.
Counter our desire for wealth and reputation with an urge to serve
In the way of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

~ from the Mission and Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland.  Posted on the Starters for Sunday website.