Jul 3, 2013

Sarah: A Monologue

Here’s a monologue setting of Genesis 18: 1-16.  It was written by Lois Siemens, and posted on the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre website.

Sarah: A Monologue
(inspired by Genesis 18: 1-16)

One meal changed my life.
You know how all this ends, I didn’t.

The promises God made that we would be the mother and father of a great nation were
getting old. Really? A great nation? That takes children and that was one thing we were short

We had goats and sheep and camels.
Enough to eat and drink.
Servants and maid servants.
But no children.

Every decade or so God would remind us:
You will be parents of a great nation.
More than you can count.

I tried to keep hope.
I tried to keep faith.
I tried to believe.
But I was running out of belief –
just like I was running out of my favorite nut cakes ...
Best make some for tomorrow’s lunch.
I was sitting and pondering the state of my kitchen
and getting the ingredients ready for my nut cakes-
flour, oil, nuts, of course, maybe some cinnamon ...
When Abraham ran in-

“Quick ... make ready three measures of our best flour,
knead it, and make bread. We’ve got guests.
Three men showed up out of nowhere. I’ll kill the fatted calf.”

I reminded him of all the extra cheese and milk we had,
and suggested they might like a refreshing drink.
Abraham agreed. What could he do?
I’m the cook around here and usually what I say goes.
I can’t believe he told ME how to make bread. (Big sigh.)

Well I made the bread,
he killed the calf and put it on the barbeque.
I made my famous nut cake
and Abraham brought it out to the men.
I watched from the tent.
Yup, the tallest one couldn’t resist a second helping of the nut cake.
I knew it!
He settled back on the blanket and asked for me.
I think he saw me peeking through the tent flap.

Anyway, then he said something outrageous.
I would have a baby within the year.
(Chuckle that turns into a full laugh)
Well you know—he was right. I had a baby.

Those visitors changed my life.
Our baby brought back hope, and opened up the door to faith.
And I never doubted God again.

~ written by Lois Siemens, 2012.  Posted in the From Our Churches archive on the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre website.  http://resources.mennonitechurch.ca/FileDownload/16269/Sarah_-_A_Monologue.pdf