Psalm Litany: Psalm 33: 12-22

Here’s a prayer paraphrase of Psalm 33: 12-22 from Nathan Nettleton’s LaughingBird website.

Psalm Paraphrase
(Psalm 33: 12-22)

What more could a country want than to have you as their God?
To be your cherished people, LORD, is the best thing in life.
You keep your eye on the whole earth;
you see each and every one of us.
Though you are seated in power, LORD,
you concern yourself with all who live on earth.
You shaped us, inside and out,
and you watch everything we do with interest.
No army can guarantee our safety;
the toughest fighter is not invincible.
Pinning our hopes on military might is futile;
brute force cannot make life worth living.
It is you, LORD, who watches over all who respect you;
you, whose love and loyalty give us confidence.
You are our only hope when death closes in;
our only security when times are tough.
We put our trust in you, LORD;
you alone can help and protect us.
Because of you, our hearts are bursting with joy;
your name stands out and fills us with confidence.
Surround us with your love, LORD.
We’ve pinned all our hopes on you
and on your rock-solid love.

~ copyright © 2001 Nathan Nettleton