Prayers of the People: Luke 12:49-56

Here’s a prayer of intercession inspired by Luke 12: 49-56. It was written by Keith Howard.

Prayer for Others
(inspired by Luke 12: 49-56)

Our God we give you thanks that some things are important

Place and space
We bring before you this morning
the millions of your children on this globe
who are now in motion or displaced by floods, political persecution,
famine, racial or religious persecution.
Let the images of thousands lining the roadways
seeking a safe place and space
be seared upon our hearts as they are upon yours.

We give you thanks that some things are important.

How people are treated.
Too often tension is resolved in non-respectful ways.
People are bullied and bulldozed;
others give away their power, “whatever,” “Yes, dear,”; “Yes, sir!”
Give us courage to have respectful conversations
with our children, our friends, those whose are different than us,
those whose language it is difficult for us to understand.

We give you thanks that some things are important.

How we see and treat ourselves.
We pray for those who do not see themselves as beloved,
as welcome at this table or any other
because of their history, their addictions,
their struggles or our lack of hospitality.

We give you thanks that some things are important.

How we see the world, the voices we choose to hear,
the pain and grief we allow ourselves to witness
and the transformation you continually bring.
Continue to work your transformation within us and within this world
so that we shall seek first your will, your dream
and the desire of your heart will set the beat.

For we desire to be your people,
who stand in a long line of those
who sit among lepers and shepherds outside the gates,
asking simply that Jesus teach us a prayer.
So it with them and with him, we pray.
Our Father …