Prayer of Intercession: Hebrews 11

Here’s a prayer of intercession inspired by Hebrews 11.  It was written by Richard J. Einerson.

Prayers of the People
(inspired by Hebrews 11)

O holy One, we thank you that we stand in a long line of believers who have been faithful through the ages. You have been leading your people through trial and difficulty and have always set before them hope for today and hope for a better tomorrow. We pray that you would bless us in our time as we seek to be as faithful as our forebears. May we too know the faith which is filled with hope in things not seen.

• Give to us a faith like the grain of mustard seed which had small beginnings but which yielded large results.
• Give to us the faith to move the mountains of difficulty which come to each of us.
• Give to us the faith that sees a distant goal and is willing to work to achieve it.
• Give to us a faith which has a vision of a new world where peace and love characterize the transactions of people and of nations and where war is no more.
• Give to us a faith such as Abraham’s to move forward not knowing our destination but trusting in your guiding providence.
• Give to us a faith which is able to endure those moments of personal disquiet and to trust that you are with us.
• Give to us a faith which sees the welfare of humankind as our business because it is the focus of your enduring love for your people.
• Give to us a faith which sees beyond the years to an eternal city.

God, give us faith to walk with you through the ebb and flow and the victories and the defeats of life and to achieve victory and mastery of life. Amen

~ written by Richard Einerson, and posted on Richard J. Einerson: Prayers of the People.