Prayer: Luke 11: 5 - 13

Here’s a prayer of confession and petition inspired by Jesus’ teaching about prayer in Luke 11: 5-13.  It was written by Rev Dr Philippa Horrex.

(inspired by Luke 11: 5-13)

when we tread a path to your door
we find it open and welcoming.
When we make requests of you,
even the most difficult,
selfish or presumptuous,
you give according to your grace and goodness.
Forgive what is twisted or dangerous in us
when we make our requests and demands.
Restore us with the surprise
of your willingness.
Teach us to offer ourselves in return
to those who make requests of us.  Amen.

~ written by the Rev Dr Philippa Horrex of Wanganui, and posted on the Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand website.