Jul 31, 2013

Prayer: For the Courage to Do Justice

Here’s a prayer for justice from the Minnesota Council of Churches.

For the Courage to Do Justice

O Lord,
open our eyes that we may see the needs of refugees;
open our ears that we may hear people's cries for justice;
open our hearts that we may assist sojourners near and far.

Show us where love, hope and faith are needed.
Use us as ministers of your healing.
Let us not be afraid
to protect the weak because of the anger of the strong,
or to defend the poor because of the power of the rich.

Sustain us so that in these coming days
we may be able to do some work of peace for you.
We ask these things in your blessed name. You taught us to pray....

~ from The Uprooted Ones: Remembering Refugees (Uniting Church in Australia),  In Welcoming the Stranger, posted on the Minnesota Council of Churches website. http://www.mnchurches.org/refugeeservices/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Refugee-Sunday-Service-Planning-Materials.pdf