Jul 30, 2013

Peace Litany: Lord, Teach Us

Here’s a peace litany from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Litany of Peace with Justice

Lord, so many people are in pain,
Teach us the way to peace.

When people around us don’t agree and think differently,
Lord, teach us to listen and understand.

When we see people getting hurt,
Lord, teach us to speak up.

When we see people who are hungry and poor,
Lord, teach us to give to them like you give to us.

When we see people treated poorly because of their skin color or language,
Lord, teach us to be an example of love.

When we see war and conflict around the world,
Lord, teach us how to make a difference and bring peace.

When we see pain,
Lord, teach us to bring healing.

When we feel low and things don’t seem to be going well,
Lord, teach us to talk to our friends, our family and to you.

When we stop and see all you have given us.
Lord, teach us to be thankful.

In our lives, our neighborhoods and the world
Lord, teach us to pray and teach us the way to peace.

~ from Litanies and Prayers for Peace and Justice, posted on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America website. http://www.elca.org/Growing-In-Faith/Education/Pre-12/Resources/Peace-Justice/Litanies-and-Prayers.aspx