Opening Prayer: Slow Us Down, God

 Here’s a centering prayer inspired by John 10: 38-42, the story of Mary and Martha.  It was revised from a longer prayer by Rev. Dr. A.R. Neal Mathers.

Centering Prayer
(inspired by John 10: 38-42)

for everything there is a time,
and time is now our most precious commodity.
Our clocks are always running.
From birth to death:
during times of joy and sorrow:
work and play:
business and pleasure:
speech and silence:
worship and church activities:
tick, tock, tick, tock.

We are like Martha,
with our long to-do lists.

Slow us down Lord,
and for now simply remind us that
only one thing is needful,
that we be still before you
and know that you are God.  Amen.

~ revised from a prayer by Rev. Dr. A.R. Neal Mathers, in Mary and Martha: Worshipful Work, posted on Presbyterian Record.