Litany of Hospitality

Here’s a prayer litany on the theme of hospitality.  It was written by Christine Sine.

Hospitality Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
we believe you welcome us all to your banquet table.
May we open our arms to embrace you,
May we see you in the face of a stranger,
May we welcome you in the love of a friend.

We believe you welcome the abandoned, the misfit, the wretched to your feast.
Forgive us for the times we have allowed our prejudices to overrule,
and rejected you because you are different, ostracized or despised.

We believe that there is beauty hidden in each person,
Forgive us for the times we have failed to see your face,
because you are disabled, poor, or homeless.

We believe we are all precious in your sight.
Forgive us for when we have counted you unworthy of our love,
for when we have been indifferent to your cries.

We believe we are called to share life together as members of one family,
Forgive us for when we have been unconcerned for your suffering,
and failed to see others in your worldwide community as you do.

We are all created in God’s image,
redeemed by Christ,
filled with the Holy Spirit.

We are all invited to feast at God’s banquet table.
We are welcomed into God’s eternal kingdom,
with all the peoples’ of the earth.

Our Father in heaven…

~ adapted from A Litany of Hospitality written by Christine Sine.  Posted on Word Made Flesh.