Litany: Jeremiah 1: 4-10

Here’s a litany inspired by Jeremiah 1: 4-10.  It was written by Emily Browning, and is set for five voices.

Litany: A God Who Believes in Me
(inspired by Jeremiah 1: 4-10)

1:         I won’t believe in a God who doesn’t believe in me.
2:         God said to me, “I know you, and I have consecrated you.
A prophet to the nations–that’s what I have in mind for you.”
1:         I said to God, “Look at me. I don’t know anything. I am only. . .”
3:         . . .a middle-aged man,
secure in my job as a businessman but always sensing
that God is calling me to full-time ministry.
4:         I am only a young woman, struggling with my identity
and living in fear that I will never find a meaningful path for my life.
5:         I am only an eight-year-old boy.
My Sunday School teacher says that I should
tell my friends about Jesus,
but I am afraid they will laugh at me.
2:         I am only an elderly woman,
fearing that as I lose my independence
I also will lose my chance to make an impact on the world.
1:         I am only a thirty-five-year-old mother.
I love my children, but sometimes I feel so tired and alone.
How can I find time for my family, for myself, and for God?
3:         I am only a teenager, trying to figure out who I am.
Should I go to college, join the military, get a job. . .?
How do I know that God has plans for me?
4:         But the Loving God said to me,
“You will go to all to whom I send you,
and I will tell you what to say.
Do not be afraid of anyone, for I am with you.”

All:      I won’t believe in a God who doesn’t believe in me.
3:         I am male.
2:         I am female.
4:         I am Latino.
5:         I am African American.
1:         I am Asian.
3:         I am white.
2:         I am Native American.
All:      I am called.

1:         I won’t believe in a God who doesn’t believe in me.
2:         I am visually impaired.
3:         I use a wheelchair to get around.
4:         I recently suffered a brain injury.
5:         I am hearing impaired.
1:         I need a cane to keep me steady on my feet.
2:         I was born with Down’s syndrome.

3:         Then the Creator’s hand touched my mouth.
The God of Grace said to me,
“Now I have put my words in your mouth.
I have given you an important job to do.”

1:         I voiced my doubts.
2:         But God promised to be with me.
3:         I told God that I was afraid.
4:         But God said that no one is called who will not be equipped.
5:         The One who calls me promises not to desert me.

1:         I am called and assured.
2:         I am called in faith.
3:         I am called and blessed.
4:         I am called by grace.
5:         I am called and equipped.
All:      I believe in a God who also believes in me.